E+K-248 E+K-4 copy E+K-14 E+K-24 copy E+K-8 E+K-36
E+K-39 E+K-42 E+K-46 copy E+K-49 E+K-50 E+K-51 E+K-53 E+K-54 copy E+K-54 E+K-57 E+K-59 E+K-62
E+K-66 copy E+K-67 E+K-70 E+K-72 E+K-73 E+K-77 copy E+K-78 E+K-79 E+K-84E+K-92 copy
E+K-95 E+K-100 copy E+K-104 E+K-106 E+K-107 E+K-109 E+K-121 E+K-122 E+K-127 copy E+K-128 E+K-137 E+K-138 E+K-143 E+K-152 copy E+K-163 E+K-171 E+K-174 E+K-183 copy E+K-189 copy
E+K-191 E+K-194
E+K-197 copy E+K-199 E+K-215 E+K-216 E+K-227 E+K-228 E+K-230 E+K-238 E+K-241 copy E+K-246 E+K-251 E+K-257 copy E+K-261 E+K-266E+K-271 copy
E+K-277 E+K-290 E+K-293 E+K-297 E+K-298 E+K-303
E+K-307 copy E+K-307 E+K-311 E+K-312 E+K-314 E+K-342 E+K-407 copy E+K-411 E+K-418 E+K-427 E+K-428 E+K-435 copy E+K-442 E+K-432 E+K-446 E+K-447 E+K-448 E+K-433 E+K-460 copy

E+K-470 copy E+K-477
E+K-475 copy E+K-479 E+K-482
E+K-483 E+K-488 copy E+K-490 E+K-491 E+K-495 E+K-498 copy E+K-499 E+K-502 copy E+K-503

E+K-518 copy E+K-528 copy
E+K-340 copy
Now Booking for 2015/2016 Weddings. For Enquiries please email me at



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  1. November 12, 2014

    HI Jayme…so fun to see you! I have know this bride and her family for over two decades. I love how you have captured this wonderful day!
    The light and style of the pictures …..!!!!!

  2. Lexa #
    November 18, 2014

    I really love how you break the rules. Beautiful work.

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