Over the last little while I have photographed some amazing Mothers. I have been invited into their home to document them being mom & taking care of their littles.

When I look back at photos of my daughter, who is now two, I am really only in a small handful of photos. Im always the one to grab the camera & photograph my daughter and Husband. I kind of feel sad that there isn’t enough documentation of me and my baby.

Mothers day is coming up, and I wanted to put something together. Something thats honest and real and gives Mom a chance to be photographed with her babies in a natural setting, in their home.

I have a real heart for photographing Mothers. I have put together this little project, Project Motherhood. I am offering mini sessions at a mini price as a gift to Mothers. I would love to opportunity to come into your home & photograph you and your littles doing everyday things. This Mini session will be 30 minutes, in your home for $185 (plus 5% tax)

Send me a message or shoot me an email to book your slot. This offer is available until the end of May. – Dads, if you are interested in purchasing this session as a gift for Mothers day (hint hint) get in touch and I will send you a little package to give.

Looking forward to it Mama’s. xx

Bookings: or 604.557.3401





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