Over the past month I have been invited into so many homes to document a little bit of Motherhood. I wanted this project to be natural, and true. It has been such a pleasure photographing all these women be mothers to their children – To follow them around their house for 30 minutes and document a little of their life.

This is the Teer Family

Jayme Anne Photography-1 Jayme Anne Photography-3 Jayme Anne Photography-6 Jayme Anne Photography-7 Jayme Anne Photography-8 Jayme Anne Photography-9 Jayme Anne Photography-10 Jayme Anne Photography-11 Jayme Anne Photography-15 copy Jayme Anne Photography-19 copy Jayme Anne Photography-17 Jayme Anne Photography-16 Jayme Anne Photography-23 Jayme Anne Photography-26 Jayme Anne Photography-29 Jayme Anne Photography-25 Jayme Anne Photography-31 Jayme Anne Photography-32 Jayme Anne Photography-34 copy Jayme Anne Photography-36 Jayme Anne Photography-38 Jayme Anne Photography-40 Jayme Anne Photography-42 Jayme Anne Photography-43 Jayme Anne Photography-45 copy Jayme Anne Photography-46 Jayme Anne Photography-54 Jayme Anne Photography-60 copy Jayme Anne Photography-61 Jayme Anne Photography-47 Jayme Anne Photography-62 Jayme Anne Photography-64 Jayme Anne Photography-68 copy Jayme Anne Photography-69 Jayme Anne Photography-70 Jayme Anne Photography-74If you would like to be documented with your littles, please send me an email at



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