I have mentioned this before, But it is seriously such an honour to be invited to document peoples most intimate and precious moments. I spent a few days with Megan & Jason as they were waiting to bring their sweet baby girl into the world. After a few late night phone calls and a 3am hospital trip, Megan ended up having a C-section. I was there with the couple as they prepared for this and then again after to document the first moments of their daughters life.

Although I cant share most of the photos from that morning, I wanted to share a few portraits that I took, followed by a collection of photos from our session once this new family was home.

I seriously love photographing babies being born & Babies being held and loved by their new parents – I honestly have the most fulfilling job ever.

Here is a little look a Wynn’s birth story..

JaymeAnnePhotography -3JaymeAnnePhotography -5JaymeAnnePhotography -6JaymeAnnePhotography -7JaymeAnnePhotography -12JaymeAnnePhotography -19JaymeAnnePhotography -15JaymeAnnePhotography -31JaymeAnnePhotography -32JaymeAnnePhotography -33JaymeAnnePhotography -40JaymeAnnePhotography -52JaymeAnnePhotography -82JaymeAnnePhotography -91JaymeAnnePhotography -88JaymeAnnePhotography -96JaymeAnnePhotography -97JaymeAnnePhotography -99JaymeAnnePhotography -108JaymeAnnePhotography -113JaymeAnnePhotography -116JaymeAnnePhotography -119JaymeAnnePhotography -122JaymeAnnePhotography -126JaymeAnnePhotography -129JaymeAnnePhotography -130JaymeAnnePhotography -131JaymeAnnePhotography -135JaymeAnnePhotography -136JaymeAnnePhotography -145JaymeAnnePhotography -146JaymeAnnePhotography -150JaymeAnnePhotography -151JaymeAnnePhotography -154JaymeAnnePhotography -155JaymeAnnePhotography -156JaymeAnnePhotography -157JaymeAnnePhotography -163JaymeAnnePhotography -165JaymeAnnePhotography -170JaymeAnnePhotography -171JaymeAnnePhotography -172JaymeAnnePhotography -176JaymeAnnePhotography -179JaymeAnnePhotography -183JaymeAnnePhotography -185JaymeAnnePhotography -187



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