This year can not be summed up in one blog post. I tried to pull a selection of photos to reflect the year & it just cant be done – But this will have to do.

I almost feel like I am living a dream.

In 2015 I shot a wedding every Saturday from June to October, Photographed (and snuggled) over 20 newborns, Witnessed/Photographed a handful of babies be born, was invited into over 20 homes to document Motherhood and families (and the list goes on).

To say My heart is full in an understatement.

Thank you to everyone who trusted me to be there to document your families, your babies, your weddings, and even the openings of your new Cafes. It has been a year. One I will not forget.

Here is a small (very small) collection of photos from this year.

2016 – I can’t wait.

dustinrobinwed-561Jayme Anne Photography -579Jayme Anne Photography -300Jayme Anne Photography-1Jayme Anne Photography-19Jayme Anne Photography-11Jayme Anne Photography-42Jayme Anne Photography-25 2Jayme Anne Photography -210Hatchedphotography-23Jayme Anne Photography-11 2Jayme Anne Photography-52Jayme Anne Photography-22Jayme Anne Photography-27Jayme Anne Photography -124Jayme Anne Photography-28 2Jayme Anne Photography-25Jayme Anne Photography-28Jayme Anne Photography-36Jayme Anne Photography-44 2Jayme Anne Photography-44Jayme Anne Photography-50Jayme Anne Photography-35Jayme Anne Photography-43Jayme Anne Photography-56Jayme Anne Photography -153Jayme Anne Photography-46Jayme Anne Photography-53Jayme Anne Photography-73Jayme Anne Photography-87Jayme Anne Photography-153Jayme Anne Photography-90Jayme Anne Photography-79Jayme Anne Photography-121Jayme Anne Photography-664JaymeAnnePhotography -4Jayme Anne Photography-303JaymeAnnePhotography -5JaymeAnnePhotography -13Jayme Anne Photography-215JaymeAnnePhotography -17JaymeAnnePhotography -27JaymeAnnePhotography -16JaymeAnnePhotography -39Jayme Anne Photography-309JaymeAnnePhotography -40JaymeAnnePhotography -43JaymeAnnePhotography -50JaymeAnnePhotography -63JaymeAnnePhotography -121Jayme Anne Photography-125JaymeAnnePhotography -60JaymeAnnePhotography -99JaymeAnnePhotography -117JaymeAnnePhotography -187Kellan Reid -46JaymeAnnePhotography -67Kellan Reid Birth-77JaymeAnnePhotography -85JaymeAnnePhotography -89Oldhand-26JaymeAnnePhotography -49JaymeAnnePhotography -93JaymeAnnePhotography -170JaymeAnnePhotography -232Kellan Reid Birth-11



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