Project Motherhood is all about Celebrating & Capturing Motherhood. Its about documenting what Motherhood looks like to you. Its about capturing a small moment in your life so you can look back and remember these days.

I started this project last year & had the pleasure of photographing over 20 mothers in their home with their children. I’m so excited to offer this again at a special Mothers day price.

When I look back on photos of my children I want to see myself in them – I don’t want to look back through family photos and know that I was always the one behind the lens. I want to be in front, with my children. And I want you to have the same – To be in front of the camera, being documented just being you & loving on your kids.

I put together a little blog post of some of my favourite shots from last years sessions (trust me, I could have made this a 1000 photo blog post).

I will only be taking a small number of these sessions this year – So get in touch to book your spot. Also, Dads – I have a little gift card if you would like to gift your mothers or wife with this session (Hint hint).


Project Motherhood 2016


30 min in home session 

For bookings/enquiries: // 604.557.3401


“Raising children is a creative endeavour, an art rather than a science.”                                   –  Bruno Bettelheim

Jayme Anne Photography-60 copyJayme Anne Photography-43 2Jayme Anne Photography-79Jayme Anne Photography-74Jayme Anne Photography-86Jayme Anne Photography-63Jayme Anne Photography-30 2Jayme Anne Photography-41Jayme Anne Photography-50 2Jayme Anne Photography-54 2Jayme Anne Photography-18Jayme Anne Photography-28Jayme Anne Photography-34 2Jayme Anne Photography-35 3Jayme Anne Photography-38Jayme Anne Photography-53 2Jayme Anne Photography-58Jayme Anne Photography-62Jayme Anne Photography-65Jayme Anne Photography-39 2Jayme Anne Photography-47 2Jayme Anne Photography-52Jayme Anne Photography-26Jayme Anne Photography-32Jayme Anne Photography-34Jayme Anne Photography-58 2Jayme Anne Photography-44 2Jayme Anne Photography-13Jayme Anne Photography-44Jayme Anne Photography-71Jayme Anne Photography-42Jayme Anne Photography-35Jayme Anne Photography-54Jayme Anne Photography-664Jayme Anne Photography-9Jayme Anne Photography-36Jayme Anne Photography-51Jayme Anne Photography-47Jayme Anne Photography-50JaymeAnnePhotography -18JaymeAnnePhotography -21JaymeAnnePhotography -31JaymeAnnePhotography -162JaymeAnnePhotography -139JaymeAnnePhotography -163Kellan Reid -46Kellan Reid -50projectmotherhood promo



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