They picnicked, ate ice cream, the boys wrestled, and they just spent sometime together and hung out while I documented them.

I really love taking a more life styled approach to family photos – Its so nice to have some natural photos of you and your family just being you.

Thank you Hardy Family for a fun afternoon. Now get your kids some modeling agents, they are stunning.

Hardy-1 Hardy-2 Hardy-4 Hardy-6 copy Hardy-7 Hardy-8 Hardy-9 Hardy-10 Hardy-11 Hardy-13 copy Hardy-15 Hardy-16 Hardy-18 Hardy-20 copy Hardy-22 Hardy-23 Hardy-24 Hardy-26 Hardy-27 Hardy-29 copy Hardy-30 Hardy-32 Hardy-33 Hardy-34 Hardy-35 Hardy-36 Hardy-37 Hardy-38 Hardy-40 Hardy-43 copy Hardy-44 Hardy-45 Hardy-46 Hardy-47 Hardy-50 copy Hardy-51 Hardy-52 Hardy-53 Hardy-54 Hardy-56 Hardy-58 Hardy-59 Hardy-60 Hardy-61 Hardy-63 copy Hardy-64 Hardy-65 Hardy-68 Hardy-71 Hardy-74 copy Hardy-75 Hardy-78 Hardy-79 Hardy-80 Hardy-81 Hardy-82 Hardy-85 copy Hardy-86 Hardy-88 Hardy-90 Hardy-91 Hardy-92 Hardy-95 copy Hardy-96 Hardy-97 Hardy-104 copy Hardy-105 Hardy-107 Hardy-109 Hardy-110 Hardy-112 copy Hardy-113 Hardy-115

Hardy-120 copy

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